The religion curriculum is the study of Scripture as it applies to life.  Classes include study of the Bible, church history, Christian life and memorization.  Children are encouraged to respond to Christ’s love with faithful service.  They will participate in daily devotions and a weekly chapel service.




Math- concepts and computation are taught incrementally and basic facts are stressed.  Emphasis is also given to algebra, geometry, statistics, and problem solving. Beginning in Middle School, students are placed in classes according to ability and may complete Algebra I prior to high school.


Science- the processes, concepts, and knowledge of earth, physical and life science are developed through inquiry, observation, and investigation.





Reading/Language Arts – Reading, English, Grammar, Phonics, Writing, Speaking and Listening are integrated areas of instruction and application of literacy skills.

























Art - all students have the opportunity for a variety of experiences in creative expression in the classroom and in specialized art classes.


Music- students in all grades have the opportunity to explore and express themselves through music.  They will develop music literacy and grow in knowledge, skills, and attitudes of using music effectively and independently.  Vocal music choirs or ensembles may participate in special programs, performances or worship services.  Grades 5-8 may join the Crusader Performance Choir.

Students may participate in the band program beginning in 5th grade.






 THE ARTS      




Students develop an awareness of community and community helpers, expanding into an understanding of Indiana history, United States history, World Geography and World history.  Civics, economics, current events, geography, government, and map skills are integrated concepts and skills.



Trinity Lutheran Preschool is based on the philosophy that young children learn best through play, exploration, and multi-sensory experiences.  Based on that knowledge, the program is designed to fit the learning characteristics and development of the young child.  We seek to create a learning environment that nurtures the child’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive growth.















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